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Sometime last month, ATIS decided to redact CLLI code information to help prevent terrorism. This is stupid. I’m not going to get into the why on that one, it just is. (Okay, fine – my house’s CLLI code is MDHGMIYW. (yes, that’s really the CLLI assigned to my house) – clearly, given that information, you know where my house is. Now you can conduct an act of terror. – oh, wait, you can’t? I wonder why… And let’s pretend that you do know where the clli codes map to – what difference does it make if you know that 248-351 is routed to SFLDMIMNDS0? Are you conducting a campaign of terror against a specific NPA/NXX? But I digress…).

Anyway, since I have no intention of removing the CLLI data on my own site, and this removal required me to spend time engineering a workaround, one that affected my ability to deliver updated files to my customers in a timely fashion, out of a mix of contempt and entrepreneurial whimsy, I’ve added a new set of files to the download section. These are formatted IDENTICALLY to the NANPA downloads from last month, except the Initial/Growth indicator is set to X, and the active date is undefined, because neither map to anything in my database.

I’ve placed them under our standard class, $5/mo download. It’s my little way of giving a knowing nod to those who were depending on this data to not suddenly change, especially for such a silly reason.

I have finally developed a low weight API running over UDP, with an intent similar to SS7’s TCAP, where you can do lightweight database queries for things like call routing.

Already implemented are as follows:

  • Qwest OCN Class (1-5)
  • SMS Lookup (does not look at LNP)
  • CNAM Lookup (real CNAM!)
  • City/State CNAM (not real, returns stuff like “DETROIT MI CALL”)
  • Company Type (Returns type of number, such as “WIRELESS” or “RBOC”)

The intent is to offer all but the real CNAM at $0.0001/dip (that’s one hundreth of a cent). (CNAM is subject to a $0.05/dip charge. Yes, it’s expensive, but it’s what I can get to start. Prices may fall later.) It would be postpay, nothing payable until the bill reaches at least $5. A short application would be required to be filled out and faxed, permitting electronic drafts against your checking account, and would be subject to my approval based both on volume and credit status (I don’t have access to the bureaus so I may ask for additional information to determine creditworthiness).

There would be no setup fees or minimum volume, though as mentioned before, there is a minimum you must reach before I will bill, because it is not economical to bill below $5.

Applications are provided to pull this data in AGI format for use in asterisk. The requests are in UDP in plain text, and I will provide specs if you want to write your own client.

If you are interested, please email


Sorry about the weirdness today on the site. I had to fail it over to my disaster recovery setup on the other machine. The motherboard on the main server, zorak, blew a capacitor this morning around 9am. Sort of alarming, since I was working on it at the time and suddenly it stopped responding. Fortunately its colocation was 3 floors below me at the time so I was able to go downstairs and get it switched over to the other server, and later this evening was able to fetch a new board.

The new board has much more RAM and CPU. This means I can start messing with more neat new features too. It definitely means that the daytime slowdowns are a thing of the past. 🙂

I’ve now made two changes to how the site handles company names.

I’ve now merged the disparate ways the site was displaying names. Thousands block company names were often formatted different than the normal ten-thousands block data. This is because the data comes from two seperate sources.

This has now been rectified.

The other change is that the company that currently owns the company is shown below the normal name in the telco view (npa-nxx lookup). I haven’t added this to the other pages on the site yet, though I plan to.

One may ask: “Why do you have it say “Ameritech Michigan” at all, rather than SBC, AT&T, at&t, or whatever they’re calling themselves this week?”. The reason is simple – They still legally operate under the name they are licensed under. Since in michigan, for example, they are licensed as “Ameritech Michigan”, and have not filed for any updates in their company’s name with the proper authorities, they’re still called “Ameritech Michigan”, and still operate as their own company in many respects.

The parent company owns all these little companies, and while they are merged in the traditional business sense, they do exist in some respects as seperate entities for regulatory purposes. That’s why they still show their company’s main name. Also, in things like Nextel and Sprint, I could call them both sprint, but that would not help you figure out which of the two business units they run as, since they really are two companies internally, basically (as are Cingular wireless and the old AT&T wireless, believe me, I’ve spent enough time on hold to find this out the hard way. 🙂 )

Anyway, I’m looking for comments on the implementation. Do you like it? Let me know. Do you hate it? Let me know (and say why).

I changed from CVS to subversion today, and it’s possible that some files may turn up missing as a result. I have backups of the original tree, but it’s very likely also that there are a few things like corrupted jpegs (yea, there’s a few on the site..)

Anyway, just a heads up. If you see anything, just shoot me a mesage at and I’ll fix it right away. Thanks for your patience!

I’m experimenting with the idea of twice weekly database refreshes rather than once a week. We’ll see how this goes. One’s running right now. I’m thinking wednesday mornings (early AM) and saturday nights are a good time. Feedback?

I am also going to be revamping the payment interface, in the process adding support for ACH payments (E-checks), and recurring billing via ACH transfer (optional, of course).

I am also going to hopefully roll out my SOAP interface RSN.

I am additionally considering adding another tier of subscriptions, where I put up the stuff relevant to people doing market analysis, as well as lists of wireless exchanges to assist in do-not-call compliance. Would this interest anyone?

I’ve also considered adding a request tracking system to track email requests, since I’m really not keeping up with the requests when I should, and I’m losing them. Quite an embarrassing situation that I must curtail. I’m also considering setting up a beta testing group and an advisory group where I can post new ideas and get feedback. What do people think on this one?

Offer of data and services to companies assisting in the restoration of telecommunications service to areas affected by Hurricane Katrina.

Click here

It’s late, or I’d be more articulate here. If you think it’s useful to you or someone you know, read it, and follow the instructions, or pass it on to those who can use the information.

My primary domain for the LLC that runs telcodata was the victim of a joejob, and all the mailservers that serve mail for the domain, including the machine that runs telcodata, got hosed down by bouncing email. Sorry for the downtime and slowdowns from yesterday – I was busy tweaking the server to handle the load better, but I was seeing the same slowdowns in trying to fix it, so it took a while. The issues have been fixed and even if the attack resumes, I should be able to ride it out in the future.

I’ve not forgotten about all the stuff on the site, I know I’ve not replied to a few emails in the last week or two as well. I’m still alive, and dealing with a lot of relationship stuff, as well as getting ready for fall semester. Sorry for the inconvenience, and if you sent me an email that I’ve not replied to yet, I assure you I will. If it’s urgent or you think I didn’t get it, please send it to me again. 🙂

I’m really upset right now. Some people know how I feel about what has become known as “censorware”, usually URL blockers billed as making pornography unavailable to kids. Now, most of these are really bad at blocking pornography, and quite a few of them overblock, sometimes intentionally censoring based on political views (not all do this, but there are a few).

Well, I just found out that telcodata is being blocked as “Fraud and Phishing sites” by our good friends at SurfControl. Hop on over there and hit the “Test a site” option in the upper right hand corner bar, and type in “”. Now, it’s quite obvious I’m not a fraud or phishing site, so if you could please take a moment and hit “Submit a site” and click the option for “delete a site”, hopefully I can get higher in the queue to get removed from their blocking list.

I really think the proper way to deal with this issue would be to file lawsuits for defamation of character and trade libel. I think that would quickly force them to actually have human beings review these submissions, as they claim they are (and aren’t, obviously).

Hopefully this gets rectified, and soon.