Sometime last month, ATIS decided to redact CLLI code information to help prevent terrorism. This is stupid. I’m not going to get into the why on that one, it just is. (Okay, fine – my house’s CLLI code is MDHGMIYW. (yes, that’s really the CLLI assigned to my house) – clearly, given that information, you know where my house is. Now you can conduct an act of terror. – oh, wait, you can’t? I wonder why… And let’s pretend that you do know where the clli codes map to – what difference does it make if you know that 248-351 is routed to SFLDMIMNDS0? Are you conducting a campaign of terror against a specific NPA/NXX? But I digress…).

Anyway, since I have no intention of removing the CLLI data on my own site, and this removal required me to spend time engineering a workaround, one that affected my ability to deliver updated files to my customers in a timely fashion, out of a mix of contempt and entrepreneurial whimsy, I’ve added a new set of files to the download section. These are formatted IDENTICALLY to the NANPA downloads from last month, except the Initial/Growth indicator is set to X, and the active date is undefined, because neither map to anything in my database.

I’ve placed them under our standard class, $5/mo download. It’s my little way of giving a knowing nod to those who were depending on this data to not suddenly change, especially for such a silly reason.