I have finally developed a low weight API running over UDP, with an intent similar to SS7’s TCAP, where you can do lightweight database queries for things like call routing.

Already implemented are as follows:

  • Qwest OCN Class (1-5)
  • SMS Lookup (does not look at LNP)
  • CNAM Lookup (real CNAM!)
  • City/State CNAM (not real, returns stuff like “DETROIT MI CALL”)
  • Company Type (Returns type of number, such as “WIRELESS” or “RBOC”)

The intent is to offer all but the real CNAM at $0.0001/dip (that’s one hundreth of a cent). (CNAM is subject to a $0.05/dip charge. Yes, it’s expensive, but it’s what I can get to start. Prices may fall later.) It would be postpay, nothing payable until the bill reaches at least $5. A short application would be required to be filled out and faxed, permitting electronic drafts against your checking account, and would be subject to my approval based both on volume and credit status (I don’t have access to the bureaus so I may ask for additional information to determine creditworthiness).

There would be no setup fees or minimum volume, though as mentioned before, there is a minimum you must reach before I will bill, because it is not economical to bill below $5.

Applications are provided to pull this data in AGI format for use in asterisk. The requests are in UDP in plain text, and I will provide specs if you want to write your own client.

If you are interested, please email paul@telcodata.us.