I’m experimenting with the idea of twice weekly database refreshes rather than once a week. We’ll see how this goes. One’s running right now. I’m thinking wednesday mornings (early AM) and saturday nights are a good time. Feedback?

I am also going to be revamping the payment interface, in the process adding support for ACH payments (E-checks), and recurring billing via ACH transfer (optional, of course).

I am also going to hopefully roll out my SOAP interface RSN.

I am additionally considering adding another tier of subscriptions, where I put up the stuff relevant to people doing market analysis, as well as lists of wireless exchanges to assist in do-not-call compliance. Would this interest anyone?

I’ve also considered adding a request tracking system to track email requests, since I’m really not keeping up with the requests when I should, and I’m losing them. Quite an embarrassing situation that I must curtail. I’m also considering setting up a beta testing group and an advisory group where I can post new ideas and get feedback. What do people think on this one?