I’m really upset right now. Some people know how I feel about what has become known as “censorware”, usually URL blockers billed as making pornography unavailable to kids. Now, most of these are really bad at blocking pornography, and quite a few of them overblock, sometimes intentionally censoring based on political views (not all do this, but there are a few).

Well, I just found out that telcodata is being blocked as “Fraud and Phishing sites” by our good friends at SurfControl. Hop on over there and hit the “Test a site” option in the upper right hand corner bar, and type in “http://www.telcodata.us/”. Now, it’s quite obvious I’m not a fraud or phishing site, so if you could please take a moment and hit “Submit a site” and click the option for “delete a site”, hopefully I can get higher in the queue to get removed from their blocking list.

I really think the proper way to deal with this issue would be to file lawsuits for defamation of character and trade libel. I think that would quickly force them to actually have human beings review these submissions, as they claim they are (and aren’t, obviously).

Hopefully this gets rectified, and soon.