Folks, I’m really looking for some help here, maybe a suggestion. A year ago (or two or so) I got this ambitious idea to combine the ideas of photographs of central offices, street addresses, and maybe even a spot of history about the office into a page. I wrote all the backend, and even a bit of a frontend for this. However, I didn’t properly advertise the fact I need contributors. So here’s the deal – If you can contribute to this project, and can supply at least, as a general rule, 3-5 COs worth of information every month (or mass update a ton, I really don’t care), I’d be happy to hook you up with some custom data, or a paid account, or whatever. You help me, I help you, and we do something awesome together. If you want recognition, I’d be happy to list you on my admittedly needing better prominence credits page. If you don’t want recognition, and instead want anonymity, I’m totally understanding of that too. I’ll happily do business with a pseudonym in this manner. Pick a pen name, create a gmail account or whatever for it, and you can email me the pictures, or what have you. Don’t let the history of telecom fade due to fear of reprisal.

I don’t intend to sell the photos or historical data, so there shouldn’t be any fear that you’re putting effort into something that I’ll ultimately make a profit off at your expense and free labor. I’m seriously considering a bounty for some information that I do intend to sell (namely the street addresses and switch information I am currently missing.) If you’re interested in being my data mercenary, comment here or drop me an email at and we can work something out.